Sweet potato harvest tomorrow

From Chelsea Graves, our Student Farm Manager for the Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm:

I hope you all are pulling out the wool caps and down vest and enjoying this beautiful fall weather. The garden is still providing many delicious things that I hope you all are enjoying at Farms and Fields! This Tuesday we are harvesting our sweet potato crop and would appreciate some extra hands! We will also pick up, if time allow, some of our winter squash that is ready to be harvested. We will begin the harvest at 1:00 and go till 5. If you can come and help for any window of time please send me an email. If you are able to provide a ride please include that in your email, and what time you would be leaving campus to drive to Kentland.  I have class until 2 but Dr. Ron Morse ( Farm Education Coordinator) and Johanna Nichols (Farm Technician) will be there to help you get started. I will join you later in the afternoon. Thanks to you all for your continued support this season! Please let me know if you have any questions.
Chelsea Graves

Dining Services Student Farm Manager
chelseabelle88 [at} gmail {dot] com

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