Community Involvement class volunteers at Kentland: a breath of fresh air

Students in a Virginia Tech Community Involvement class take a breath of fresh air and volunteer at The Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm.

Blacksburg, Va.– Since mid-October, a subgroup of a Community Involvement class has been getting their hands dirty with farm work. The class’s focus is on public feedback and involvement procedures, as well as on-the-ground theory of community development and improvement. The class split into several groups, all of which were required to choose some form of community service to accompany their coursework. Ten students in all chose to work at The Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm. One of these students, Brianna Farr, enjoyed the variety the outdoor work provided to her class schedule.

“As we harvested potatoes and sweet potatoes, the student [farm manager] named Chelsea talked with us about her work and how Virginia Tech was continuing to incorporate even more local foods into the dining halls,” she said. “I found I learned even more about how important a local diet is, while being able to contribute to the health of the community and environment around me.” Farr also commented on the striking beauty of the area surrounding the garden, and recommended others should consider sharing the experience. “Everyone enjoyed taking a break from sitting behind a computer or at a desk and actually working with their hands out in the fresh air. It was easy work, and we really enjoyed each other’s company. If you’re looking for an easy way to get involved and give back, volunteering at Kentland Farm is a great way to start.”

Joshua Brooking, a volunteer, carries sweet potatoes from irrigated beds.

Photos courtesy Brianna Farr.

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