Reusable water bottles – also great for the gym!

Bottled water creates an unprecedented amount of waste in the United States each year, about 90% of which is crowding landfills. Choosing reusable containers instead of bottled water conserves petroleum, mitigates waste, and promotes a healthier environment.

At Virginia Tech, Recreational Sports has installed two ice and cold water dispensers in the workout areas of McComas Hall to encourage use of reusable water bottles as an alternative to bottled water while working out.  These dispensers are designed to accommodate most sizes of wide-mouth reusable bottles. Ice and/or water automatically dispense in a clean, no-touch mechanism. War Memorial Hall also has a more traditional cooler with cold water for gym-goers who choose not to use bottled water.

Reusable stainless steel water bottles from Dining Services are perfect for these dispensers for their extra wide mouth and sizable capacity perfect for long workouts. In addition, the top of the bottle need not be unscrewed–providing easier access for a quick drink on cardio machines.

Pick up your reusable bottle today at Owens Food Court and enjoy a more sustainable experience–eating and working out–at Virginia Tech.

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