Student Job Opportunity – Office of Sustainability

This opportunity/announcement  is unrelated to dining sustainability specifically, but may be of interest to students who would like to work on sustainability issues campus-wide at VT.

Announcement of Internships for Spring 2011
The Office of Energy and Sustainability (OES) is seeking a diverse team of interns to work on the major projects detailed in the attached document during the spring 2011 semester.  Teams will be handpicked to create an interdisciplinary academic environment and professional development experience.  Interns will be selected on the basis of both their academic and professional background.  All interested students are encouraged to apply.  These projects will allow interns to apply the concepts and skills learned in the classroom to real world challenges that exist right here on campus and gain experience working with their peers in different career fields.  Each of these intern teams will be lead by a team captain who will be responsible for facilitating meetings, tracking the overall success of the project, and reporting progress to OES members.  To apply to be a part of any of these teams, please fill out the electronic application form and email your resume to

Applications are due by the close of business on Friday, December 31st 2010. All inquiries regarding the OES internship program should be directed to the Campus Sustainability Planner, Angie De Soto.  The preferred method of correspondence is through email at, although she can also be reached during normal business hours at 540-231-7358.

Internship Projects for Spring 2011:

1. Campus Sustainability Portal Development and Communication Team

2. Fostering a Student Culture of Sustainable Living Team

3. Zero Waste Events Planning Team


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