Can I Recycle a…?

the shape your cans and bottles take at a recycling plant before melted down and repurposed

Have you ever wondered if something is recyclable? Even if we try to use products with less or no packaging, sometimes we end up with unrecognizable plastic containers or types of paper in our hands. To be a good recycler you’ve got to educate yourself and know the facts–what’s okay and what’s not. Recycling varies from place to place depending on the market and what kind of facilities are available to sort the materials. What’s okay in North Carolina where you’re from may not work here, and vice versa. When you start living somewhere new, it’s important to look up which products can be diverted from the landfill into recycling programs–this could go from batteries to colored paper, soda bottles to clam shell plastic containers.

In Blacksburg, we send our materials to the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Facility in Christiansburg. They are always trying to improve their sorting, markets, and acceptable standards. The facility is clean and efficient and we’re proud to send materials there. Respect it by knowing what you should be recycling:



In Dining Services, we recycle acceptable materials back of the house through our wonderful trained staff. Support the university’s recycling program further by diverting your recyclable materials to the right bin.

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