Making a difference: student voice and sustainability

Watch this video featuring Campus Sustainability Planner, Angie De Soto, a close colleague of mine as the Sustainability Coordinator in Dining Services, as well as former colleague of mine as a student activist. Student voice is paramount to Dining Services and this university. Please contact me at greendining (at] vt [dot} edu with any questions, concerns, compliments, or fallacies. Thank you for being a voice.

Something to note: The Coalition for Campus Sustainability is no longer in existence; the students that created it have since cycled out. However, the participating organizations are still alive and well doing work toward sustainability initiatives: the Environmental Coalition (from which the VT Climate Action Commitment stemmed), Emerging Green Builders, the Sustainable Food Corps at Virginia Tech, and Young Democrats to name a few. Oxfam Virginia Tech is a similar organization to several social justice organizations that sat on the Coalition (PACE and Global Justice Alliance). Visit and get involved in these organizations and get your hands on the economic, social, and environmental sustainability initiatives.

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