Salad Mix – Farmworker post

Salad mix

Thanks for visiting our blog! Today is a special guest post from one of our farm workers (who is also a Dining Services Employee) Mike O’Sullivan. Enjoy this post and visit our other staff posts by checking out our tags.



I was surprised to learn that mixed salad greens really are grown mixed.  Seeds for the different varieties of greens come together all in one jar and you just seed them into the ground together.  I guess I always assumed they’re mixed together after harvest in some kind of industrial salad green mixing plant.

That may be how it’s done elsewhere, but at our farm we get jars of salad mix seeds from Johnny’s Seeds of Winslow Maine.  In a university/industry partnership, Virginia Tech supplies climate and growth data to Johnny’s, and in exchange, Johnny’s supplies seeds for our sustainability project.

The names of the greens in our salad mix are called “Tango”, “Parris Island”, “Green Salad Bowl”, “Red Salad Bowl”, “Royal Oak”, “Firecrackers”, “Dark Lollo Roosa” and “Outredgeous”.  I asked the seed salesperson how they come up with those names – it turns out they’re developed through a strenuous marketing process called “making them up”.

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