Spotlight on Recycling

A post by our sustainability intern, Rial Tombes.

As noted in one of our earlier posts, the University now accepts all plastic items labeled 1 – 7. But what does that mean to you?   It means that recycling just got exponentially easier for YOU!

Here is the refrigerator case at the Au Bon Pain in the Graduate Life Center.  Can pick out which containers can be recycled?

Surprisingly, almost all of the containers on the top three rows are recyclable.  The Salad Containers, Portion Containers, yogurt, and orange juice cups are all recyclable.  Even your cup and lid for iced coffee, iced tea or lemonade are recyclable.

If you’re ever unsure, just take a look at the container.  If you see a triangle with a number between 1- 7, it’s recyclable

So next time you’re ready to dump your salad bowl, take an extra second to find the appropriate recycling bin for your waste.  If you’re not careful, the trash monster might come find you…

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