Spider Webs and Agricultural Acts



I started my morning in the Dining Services Garden today before the sun was even ready to stretch his rays to warm the chilly air. The morning chill seems to have moved in early this year, making my worn wool sweater a necessity.  The spider webs are prolific, like tinsel and glittering ornaments on the tomato branches as I picked plumb fruit.  The geese are flying south just as everyone is flocking back to Blacksburg for the start of another semester.  I continue to move through the garden rows, filling crate after crate with veggies, my smile growing as I know that more of my VT community will be eating from this well loved garden.   

Poet, writer, and agrarian, Wendell Berry writes: “I begin with the proposition that eating is an agricultural act.  Eating ends the annual dream of the food economy that begins with planting and birth”.  An agricultural act—how often does one think of eating in these terms? All humans are involved in agriculture, whether directly or indirectly. The web of choices that we are faced with everyday when we sit down at the table impacts how our land and communities are shaped.  

I am inviting each of you to be part of this agricultural act in a deeper way. Come plant, harvest, with us. Come connect with a piece of your food system, and your community. Find out how to volunteer in the garden and help us feed our VT community our Facebook page: The Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm Volunteer Program.

To read the rest of Wendell Berry’s Essay The Pleasures of Eating


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