Composting + You

According to the Virginia Tech Climate Action Commitment & Sustainability Plan, VT Dining Services is dedicated to becoming zero waste by the years 2026- 2050.  Now, that seems like a long ways away, but it really isn’t.


Compost Carts at Southgate


Virginia Tech Dining Services started composting in January 2009 at our Southgate Food Preparation facility.  Since then, all of our Dining Centers have come on board with composting including Turner Place!  In Turner Place we have added an additional layer to our composting project:  YOU!

You all have the chance to help sort your waste into three different compartments: organic waste/ compostables, commingled recycling, and trash.  Now what does that mean?

Organic Waste/ Compostables: This includes all fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, leftover foods including meat and dairy scraps, napkins, wax paper liners, and cardboard cups.    Here’s an Organic Waste/ Compostable Receptacle located outside of Turner Place.

Commingled Recylables:  Virginia Tech collects all plastic containers numbered 1 -7 (no styrofoam) as well as aluminum cans, steel cans and glass (any color).

Trash: Everything else.  Trash includes styrofoam, all non recyclable plastics like plastic bags or ketchup packets.

Turner Place has several waste stations with options for organic waste/ compostables, commingled recycling and trash.  Here’s a picture of a waste station in Bruegger’s Bagels. 

Next time you’re in Turner Place, look around and see how many waste stations there are inside and outside. Inform your friends what the difference between compostable, commingled and trash is and don’t let fellow Hokies sort their trash improperly!


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