Farms and Fields Menu Spotlight: Meditteranean Meatballs

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated the Fall Harvest with our “Tribute to Local Ingredients” Meal. One of the hits from this meal was the Meditteranean Meatballs made from local lamb from VT Meats. And you’re in luck because we’ll be serving these delicious meatballs again today!

Today at the Farms and Fields Project in Owens Food Court, you’ll find a Meditteranean Meatball Sub, Local VT Meats Meatloaf and Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. The Lamb in the Meatball is sourced from the VT Meat Center as well as the beef and pork in the Meatloaf. The Potatoes used for our Mashed Potatoes were grown just 10 miles down the road at the Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm.

Don’t forget to pick up your Reusable Bottle at any Cash Register in Owens!   Pay with your meal plan or dining dollars. You’ll get discounted prices on water and soda and be reducing the waste associated with your meal.



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