The Apples are IN!

Kentland Farm is located about 10 miles from the center of Virginia Tech’s Campus.  If you’ve driven down to the New River to go tubing, you have probably  passed it.

But what’s so special about it?  Kentland Farm is the College of Agriculture and Life Science’s Research Farm.  Kentland Farm consists of several hundreds of acres of land.  There is land set aside for pasture, grains, vegetables crops and there is even an orchard!

The Kentland Farm Orchard includes both peach and apples trees.  For the past several years, Dining Services has been able to harvest from the peach and apple orchards and provide dining centers with local fruit.

Just this week, Chelsea, Adam, and volunteers finished harvesting the apple crop.  Pretty soon, you will see local Kentland Farm apples in VT Dining Centers.   Look for these varieties:



Golden Delicious:

   “Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.”

                        — Henry David Thoreau, Wild Apples


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