Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Hokies!

Thanksgiving is an excellent chance to learn a little more about your own family  food traditions and to integrate some new (delicious) seasonal recipes.  Scope out your hometown’s local Farmers Market and create a new Thanksgiving dish for your family to enjoy!

If you’re staying in Blacksburg around Thanksgiving, take a trip to the Blacksburg Farmers Market (open on Wednesdays from 2 -6!).  There is still a bounty of fresh produce available.  Get some potatoes for your Thanksgiving meal or some greens for a special side dish!

Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want” originally published in 1943. An iconic Thanksgiving scene.

While you’re on break, think about signing up for a shift with the Green Team.  Get your friends to join in on the fun and help your peers sort their trash!  It’s never too late to get involved! And you’ll get a free reusable water bottle after 5 shifts!

Check out this fun Thanksgiving quiz by SlowFood USA!  Last day to enter is today!

Did anyone check out the VT Dining Thanksgiving Meal last week?  There were lots of winter veggies served there.  What were your favorites?


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