Virginia Tech Milk to be served on campus!

Virginia Tech Dining Services will begin serving VT Milk at D2 starting Tuesday January 22, 2013!

Sign up for Dairy Barn Tour on Wednesday Feb 13.

VT Milk slogan

One of Dining Services 7 guiding Principles states that we will, “Promote a sustainable dining and food system at Virginia Tech and therefore in the greater community.”

How do we quantify local?  Here at VT Dining Services, we consider local to be anything grown and processed within a 250 mile radius of Virginia Tech.  As shown below, that includes all of Virginia except for the Eastern Shore, all of West Virginia, and significant portions of North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

The blue circle shows a 250 mile radius from Blacksburg, VA. Everything grown and processed within this circle is considered local.

Virginia Tech is a land grant university, meaning that Agricultural Education and Research is an integral piece of the fiber that makes up Virginia Tech as an institution.  The Virginia Tech Dairy, located on campus, is a center for teaching and research for the Department of Dairy Science.   Milk will be harvested from cows at the Virginia Tech Dairy, sent to the James River Work Center to be pasteurized and then delivered to Blacksburg to be served at D2.


Interested in Learning More?

In partnership with the Virginia  Tech Dairy Center, tours will be offered for those interested.  There will be three tours offered this Spring semester and each tour will be capped at 25 people.  Sign up for a tour here.  Plan accordingly for weather, wear close toed shoes and expect to get a little dirty!

Tour Dates for Spring 2013:

  • Tuesday Jan 29, 1 PM
  • Wednesday February 13, 1 PM
  • Thursday March 7, 1 PM


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