It’s You, Not Us

Announcing the start of a long term relationship with compostable to-go containers!


Starting January 2015, Dining Services will be replacing select foam to-go containers with compostable to-go containers.

What should you expect from this transition?

  • All meals currently served in 9×9 single and triple compartment and 6×6 foam containers will be switched to compostable containers. Note: National brands will not be impacted by this transition.
  • The compostable to-go containers are made out of Bagasse which is a byproduct from the process of refining sugar from sugarcane.
  • The crushed sugarcane stalks, which are normally disposed of by burning, are taken to a processing plant where they are converted into paperboard which is used to make these compostable containers.
  • When you’re done with your compostable to-go container, please return to any dish return or compostable bin in the dining units.


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