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Spotlight on Recycling

A post by our sustainability intern, Rial Tombes.

As noted in one of our earlier posts, the University now accepts all plastic items labeled 1 – 7. But what does that mean to you?   It means that recycling just got exponentially easier for YOU!

Here is the refrigerator case at the Au Bon Pain in the Graduate Life Center.  Can pick out which containers can be recycled?

Surprisingly, almost all of the containers on the top three rows are recyclable.  The Salad Containers, Portion Containers, yogurt, and orange juice cups are all recyclable.  Even your cup and lid for iced coffee, iced tea or lemonade are recyclable.

If you’re ever unsure, just take a look at the container.  If you see a triangle with a number between 1- 7, it’s recyclable

So next time you’re ready to dump your salad bowl, take an extra second to find the appropriate recycling bin for your waste.  If you’re not careful, the trash monster might come find you…


Earth Week at Dining Services

This week, find select local/sustainable and/or organic items in our dining centers in celebration of Earth Week.

The items below can be found in Owens Food Court.



  • Baked Ziti with Spinach and Sausage from Virginia Tech Meats
  • Roasted local sweet potatoes


  • Beef Chili with Virginia Tech Meats


  • Chili Con Carne with Beef from Virginia Tech Meats
  • Roasted Fresh Ham from Virginia Tech Meats
  • Farms & Fields will have its first asparagus of the season from Tidewater!


  • Cajun Swai with Monterey Bay Seafood Watch “Good Alternative” rating


  • Beef and Barley Soup with Virginia Tech Meats
  • Roasted red local potatoes


  • Herb Crusted Swai with Monterey Bay Seafood Watch “Good Alternative” rating


Recycling Expansion

The university, as of late last month, is accepting all commingled containers number 1-7. The graphic here displays how that is indicated, usually on the bottom of the container. We recycle through Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority, or MRSWA, and their web page provides a very useful guide to what is recyclable and what is not.

Here are some highlights to guide your sustainable dining experience:




  • anything you place on a tray return will be sorted and recycled
  • these rules apply all across campus in any bin
  • mixed paper is separate from commingled containers, which is what includes glass and plastic

Thank you for reducing, reusing, and finally recycling your waste! Virginia Tech Dining is one step closer to a closed-loop system. Thank you for your care!

Questions, comments, suggestions on how to make recycling better in your dining centers? Please email

Dining Services Garden Featured on the VT Daily News Front Page

Read about our two student garden managers’ hard work and how Dining Services is bringing local food to the table here.

Local, Organic Broccoli at D2 next week

All of next week, D2 dining facility will be serving local, organic broccoli. The fresh veggies are from Appalachian Harvest farmers’ cooperative based out of Southwestern Virginia. Appalachian Harvest (a program out of non-profit Appalachian Sustainable Development) works to fortify the region’s food system with healthy, nutritious, organic foods. This broccoli will also be served at Farms & Fields, which serves local, organic broccoli every time it is served during harvest season (and organic when local is not available). This broccoli will be intermixed with the broccoli already coming in at this time of year from the Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm.

This special week is part of our commitment to bring in local, organic, and/or sustainable food whenever we are able at Virginia Tech Dining Services. We are committed to serving you safe, nutritious, and environmentally conscious food.

Thank you to Theta Tau and Circle K International

Circle K

Theta Tau

Two groups came out this past weekend to lend a hand at the garden. We dug out about half of our sweet potatoes, soon to be enjoyed at Farms & Fields. Service groups Theta Tau (their first visit) and Circle K (a continuing contributor) brought about 20 students to work the ground. It was a great time for all and their service is greatly appreciated! Photos are courtesy Theta Tau and Circle K.

Circle K

Circle K

Apple Harvest this Friday

Staying in Blacksburg for Fall Break? Come on down to our apple harvest at Kentland Farm! Support the local foods program in Dining Services and learn valuable skills by lending a hand between 9am-12pm and/or 12:15pm-3:30pm. Limited transportation will be provided for those that reserve a spot by Thursday night (more information in the event’s “info” section), but all are welcome to come out. Directions coming soon via Facebook event.

Also be sure to “like” the Dining Services Garden Volunteer Page for more updates and opportunities.