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Volunteer for the Hokie Hi Picnic!

Volunteer with us this coming Sunday 8/23. Spend your Sunday afternoon in Lane Stadium welcoming incoming freshmen and promoting sustainability on campus!

There are two shifts available on Sunday, set up and clean up, respectively.  Volunteers will be able to eat at the event and are encourage to work both shifts, if able.  Please follow the link below to sign up!





July Harvest Workday: Wed 7/17

Interested in learning a little more about the Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm? Spend your Wednesday evening in the garden with us.  Help us harvest the summer bounty!

Volunteer_at the Garden

Who: You!

What: More info on our Facebook Event Page!

When: Wednesday 7/17 5PM – 7 PM

Where: Kentland Farm (Directions below)


  • Take Prices Fork Road going away from campus.
  • Continue for about 3 miles; make a right on McCoy Road.
  • Continue for about 3 miles; make a left on Whitethorne Road. This turn will come quickly at the bottom of a steep hill.
  • Take the first entrance to the farm on the right (just before the official entrance at the office building). This is the right turn BEFORE the bridge.
  • Follow the dirt/gravel road to the garden plots. Park near other cars underneath the shade trees.

What to Bring:Water Bottle, Hat, Layers, Raingear (if necessary)

See you at the Farm!


Waste Stations at Turner Place

In August, Dining Services opened Turner Place at Lavery Hall.  With bagel sandwiches, crepes and gelato, soups and salads, burritos, rotisserie chicken, personal pan pizzas and freshly blended smoothies, you can’t go wrong!

With a new dining hall comes also a new method of waste sorting.  In Turner Place, we have 10 Waste Stations with receptacles for compostables, recyclables and landfill-ables.  Each bin has a sign with pictures of what should go in each bin.  These Waste Stations are designed to help you think through where each bit of waste should go.

In Dining Halls on campus like West End Market, Owens Dining Hall, and D2, the waste sorting is done behind the scenes by Dining Services’ wonderful staff members.  At Turner Place, it’s all up to you!

In 2012, all of Dining Services diverted over 500 tons of waste towards compost.  This means that through this composting program, we’ve kept over 100,000 lbs of food waste out of the landfill!

What goes where:

Don’t feel overwhelmed!  When the compost or recycle bins are contaminated, the entire batch of compostables or recyclables will be thrown away in the landfill.    Ask a Dining Services Staff member if you have questions. Remember, all  food leftovers, and paper products can be composted.  Plastics 1 – 7  can be recycled, and everything else goes into the landfill.  If you’re not sure about which bin, put it in the landfill bin.



When in doubt, throw it out (in the landfill).

At University of Michigan, students are taking waste sorting seriously!

Questions?  Please contact the Dining Services Sustainability Coordinator, Rial Tombes at sustainabledining@vt.edu.

FALL is in the Air!

It’s officially Fall.  The trees are starting to change colors, it’s time to sip hot apple cider by a campfire, and fall vegetables are ready to be harvested!

At the Dining Services Garden, we try to focus our production season so that most  of our vegetables are ready to be harvested when school starts up again in the Fall.  That means we’ve got a whole bunch of sweet potatoes, pumpkins, winter squashes and apples to harvest!

This Sunday October 7th, come help bring in the harvest!  We’ll be starting harvesting from about 9 am – 3pm.  There’s a lot to learn, see, and enjoy down at the Dining Services Garden at Kentland Farm.  Check our facebook event page for more information.


Leave a comment below with some of YOUR favorite Fall food traditions.

Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.
William Cullen Bryant