Waste Sorting

What Goes Where?

Waste Stations are popping up all across campus and Dining Services is asking you to help!  Since 2009, Dining Services has been composting its food waste.  For the most part, Dining Services Staff sorts between compostables, recyclables and landfill – ables.  We’ve gotten the hang of that and now we want to collect even more of the post consumer food waste from our Dining Halls, but we need your help!



  • All Leftover Food Waste (This includes cooked foods, even cooked meats)
  • Compostable To-Go containers
  • Paper Products: Coca Cola Cups, Napkins, Paper Towels, Paper Plates, Pizza Boxes, Wax Paper.
  • From the Coffee Station: Sugar Packets, Wooden Coffee Stirrers, Coffee Sleeves, tea bags.

Rule of Thumb: Containers that hold hot liquids (like coffee cups and soup bowls) are NOT compostable.  This is because of a plastic liner that inhibits the cardboard container from decomposing.


  • All Plastic Containers # 1-7, EXCEPT Styrofoam.
  • Glass, and Aluminum Cans
  • Plastic Smartstock Utensils

Rule of Thumb: If there’s food in your recyclable container, scrape it out in the compost first, then recycle.


  • Everything else.
  • Cardboard Coffee Cups, Styrofoam, Aluminum Foil

Rule of Thumb: If in Doubt, Throw it out.  A Bin of Compostables or Recycling shouldn’t have any contamination.  If you’re confused, just put it in the landfill bin and then check here or with our Sit & Sort page to learn more.


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